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Version 4.1 is now released. | 2011-05-22
Free Filehosting At image upload
Portal theme is included with this released.
Play Video
Add video to playlist
New source added (esnips)
Video download
We fixed cache system, and much more..
Rutube fixed | 2011-05-15
At first released the source is messed up, we fixed it.
New plugin and theme | 2011-05-12
Gallery plugin and new portal theme. for support requests please use the my email add, which is getexiled[at]gmail.com

Fresh Stuff,the theme has been completely redone. We attach gallery on it, just upload the pictures you want to be shown in gallery player (front page) in gallery/pictures/ folder. Site bar included, this is much better than affiliates module. Open site.txt and edit the content.

Note Do not emerge gallery plugin into default/ theme. Ask for support if you want to do this.
New video source added : rutube.ru | 2011-05-01

Read the readme.txt file for the instruction.

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